Welcome to PixelSecure

Sabadell - Carrer de les Paus, Spain

About us

Who are we?

PixelSecure it is a company dedicated to computer science.
We help you in every kind of trouble you have anywhere. Our values reflect those of a company founded by a group of informants and programmers. We are available at Sabadell - Carrer de les Paus, Spain.

What's the deal?

We specialize more in server configuration for schools or other sites.
Let's move computers for customers, be they gaming or work at home. We offer an online assistance service, where we can help customers or companies solve the problems they have.

How do we do that?

We offer the service to connect to your computer or server much easier, from home or business, without having to come to our shop. For those who require assembly or purchase components, on Paus Street is our PixelSecure computer store. With our professional team we're going to run servers in your companies.


Online Attendance

In order to be able to contact us directly one way is to remotely connect to computers or servers with our 24-hour computer equipment, they are remotely connected via programs created to facilitate connection. (all this service we provide is from our shop)

Team Mount

Let's move and we'll fix any kind of computers, either gaming ordinators or office computers.
We'll also repair laptops, tablets, mobiles, any device.

Server Mount

If you want to use a server for your company, in our shop in Sabadell - Carrer de les Paus, Spain we build you and install any kind of server in your company. "With a zero cost in the facility, provided you use our services."
The server is configured by adapting to your company needs.

How do you contact us?

To contact us easily we offer our phone number from WhatsApp (685 745 842), from here you can inform us via the private chat so you can fix or configure any problems.

Our Catalog

With our component catalog, you can choose which component type you need for your next new computer, either gaming or office computer.
In the same catalog, it has different categories in order to find what you need, for example, computer components, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Informal equipment

We offer the service to be remotely connected to our computer equipment, ready to be able to connect remotely from our 24-hour shop, in case some kind of problem arises and be able to repair it as soon as possible. If you need more help, we also offer our phone number from WhatsApp (685 745 842).


685 745 842






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